Halo 5: Guardians 343 Industries/Microsoft

Halo is one of the key franchises that brought first-person shooters to the mainstream when Halo: Combat Evolved launched on the original Xbox, essentially driving sales. Since then it has branched into real-time strategy with Halo Wars and top-down shooters like Halo: Spartan Assault, on top of maintaining a solid series of core first-person shooter titles. Originally a Bungie property, the Halo games were loved the world around, and millions of gamers like myself have fond memories of blasting Covenant with a pal in co-op or ploughing hours into multiplayer squeezed onto a couch with four mates and swearing to not screenwatch. Halo is a staple franchise of gaming, and has since moved from its original home at Bungie to its new shiny digs with Microsoft as 343 Industries, after everyone’s favorite floating orb 343 Guilty Spark.

Read the full opinion piece at APGNation. 


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