Work experience

So I had my work experience at The Press and Journal, my regional daily up here in Aberdeen in Scotland. It was fantastic to actually sit in a newsroom and work with reporters. I learned loads about print journalism and got a chance to hone my digital journalism on the last day with Derek, their social media and digital guy.

I am so grateful to Shona and the team for setting me up, and am really happy with my progress. I had the opportunity to write several articles for print and online, including four page-4 bylines, a football news article (it took a while as I knew nothing), and some bits and bobs of local news reporting.

I hope to get some more experience under my belt before I graduate next summer. Until then it will be the local fashion retailer for me (we aren’t allowed to mention them outside of work on “blogs or social media”, because it is “gross misconduct”, so yeah, they are known as “fashion retailer”).

Thanks for reading, I hope to post more frequently now that things are getting to a steady place with work/personal balance and uni is starting back soon.


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