What I have been up to

This last month has been incredibly hectic. I did my first interview with a political candidate, travelled all across the North of England for job interviews, wrote a tonne of stuff for Talk Politics, and got my last feedback sheet from University (I got a B!).

Here are some of the things I wrote since my last update:

Liberal Democrat candidate for Gordon, David Evans – People Behind The Policy

The War in Yemen, Put Simply

Prevent Strategy, Put Simply

Labour manifesto leak, between the lines

Press Freedom in the UK, Put Simply

Pensions ‘Triple Lock’, Put Simply

Progressive Alliance, Put Simply

Hopefully, I will have more to share in the coming weeks.


New kit

New kit

New kit arrived so I can start streaming and recording for Twitch and YouTube. Managed to grab a Logitech G922 Streaming Pro with a tripod in the Amazon Easter sale along with a copy of Premiere and Photoshop Elements 15 and the NCTJ’s Teeline shorthand textbook. Hopefully, this will keep me busy until graduation.

If you want to check out any video content I put out in the future watch my Twitter for announcements or give my channel a follow. Any support is much appreciated, whether watching or sharing.

I hope to have some content out in the next couple of weeks, but I want to apologise in advance if it’s a little rough around the edges, I am still learning.

New position: Campaign Agent at Talk Politics

With graduation fast approaching in June, I am well into job application. However, with the student newspaper closed until next semester, and my coursework is all done and dusted, I’ve needed something to do to keep the juices flowing. So it was that one evening while scrolling through Work for an MP I found Talk Politics. Before long, and following a brief email exchange, the Editor-in-chief had invited me onboard, and I wrote my first piece: Drone Warfare, Put Simply.

It’s a great pleasure to be writing again, particularly because I can finally start getting some mileage on the degree I’ve spent the last half-a-decade on.

If you are interested, I have hyperlinked the relevant pages. I will endeavour to keep this blog up to date with any future work and I look forward to any ensuing feedback. Furthermore, should you have a topic you want me to cover for Talk Politics, give me a shout on here or on Twitter, and I will see what I can do.


I got promoted

Long story short, I applied to for the Deputy News Editor position at my university’s newspaper The Gaudie, and after a couple interviews, I got accepted.

Last year I wrote a few features for the paper’s now-defunct Gaming and Technology segment of the IV Magazine insert, before moving to news as a reporter. After familiarizing myself  with their style guide (Guardian) and getting used to the paper’s format, this position seemed a perfect next step after my work experience at The Press and Journal this summer.

I will now be helping the awesome section editor Michaela and the head editors Aemilia and Gemma improve and grow the news section, pursuing more investigative stories and working to get the digital edition back up and running. Hopefully, we can recruit a few more writers as well now that there are two of us working news.

Let’s hope the digital edition gets up and running again so I can start posting my stories again as they get published.

As usual, thanks for reading. 🙂

Work experience

So I had my work experience at The Press and Journal, my regional daily up here in Aberdeen in Scotland. It was fantastic to actually sit in a newsroom and work with reporters. I learned loads about print journalism and got a chance to hone my digital journalism on the last day with Derek, their social media and digital guy.

I am so grateful to Shona and the team for setting me up, and am really happy with my progress. I had the opportunity to write several articles for print and online, including four page-4 bylines, a football news article (it took a while as I knew nothing), and some bits and bobs of local news reporting.

I hope to get some more experience under my belt before I graduate next summer. Until then it will be the local fashion retailer for me (we aren’t allowed to mention them outside of work on “blogs or social media”, because it is “gross misconduct”, so yeah, they are known as “fashion retailer”).

Thanks for reading, I hope to post more frequently now that things are getting to a steady place with work/personal balance and uni is starting back soon.

Started writing for my University paper

This last week I started writing for my university newspaper, The Guadie’s Gaming and Tech Segment. My first feature, on video games addiction, will be published in next Tuesday’s edition. The paper has a readership of about 2,000 in print and 2,000-4,000 for the digital issue and is published every second Tuesday during term time.

I will hopefully be able to scan in a copy of my clip or, at least, provide a link to a digital copy.

I thought it was time for a change, and time to take my writing a bit more seriously. I’ve been pushing out more content over at APGNation, working on political commentary for my Medium blog, and getting early research sorted for my dissertation next year. As such I grabbed a great new theme free from WordPress and trashed some of the excess garbage that was clogging up the timeline on the blog.

From now on, most of the content posted or shared on this blog will be things I have written, with rare exceptions for noteworthy pieces I find around the web that add context to or complement my work.

As for the future, I hope to get the ball rolling with my new weekly segment Let’s Talk Xbox, work on a couple of the stronger ideas for political and foreign policy articles, and get things back into gear with my role at Groundings Ancients (the submission deadline is soon so my job as an editor really only just starts then).

You may have noticed that my work has shifted slightly away from Gamergate and controversy. This is an intentional move. The movement has lost most of its momentum, and frankly I just never come out with anything good when I write about it. I also made a huge gaff recently by responding to a year old article and got deservedly embarrassed by the author. It was a humbling experience and one I hope not to repeat. As such I will be getting people I trust to read over my blog posts before I put them out, and paying extra attention to advice from my editors. We all get knocked down some times, I am just glad it was early on.

As always, thanks for reading.